how to find my lost samsung phone

How to Find My Device Samsung Phone?


Find My Device Samsung Phone Online and as well as Offline?

Are you worried, looking to find my device Samsung?

You can now find your Galaxy phone, tablet, watch, and other devices with SmartThings Find.

Samsung is now enabled with new features and enhancements that make our Samsung phone easier than ever to find your devices.

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Don’t worry, your other Galaxy Devices can help

Now You can Locate your Galaxy SmartTag, Watch, and Buds on Smart Things.

You can control these things now remotely, Once we turn on Offline Finding, then it get very easy to find your GalaxySmart, Watch, and Buds.

We can easily now find the Offline Devices:

For that, you need to enable Offline finding, so your galaxy can be easily detected- even though the mobile is disconnected from the internet.

Other Galaxy devices help in the search of your Galaxy as ‘Find Node’, they start sharing the signals into the server making it easy to find the phone’s location.

Once it’s better to enable Offline Finding, because that we can easily find the lost devices.


How to use

Steps to find ‘SmartThings Find’

Set Up Find My Mobile

Step 1

Go to Setting  find my lost samsung mobile phone

Step 2

Tap your Samsung Account on the top of the menu   

Step 3

Go to ‘Find My Mobile’    find offline lost Samsung mobile phone

Step 4

Turn ‘Allow this phone to be found’ Switch On  find offline lost Samsung mobile phone



Step 1:

Tap Offline Finding Switch On   

Step 2:

Setup is Done    find my lost samsung phone mobile

Visit the Smartthings Find Website

Step 1:

Go to the SmartThings Find Website ( ) and sign in to your Samsung account.


find my lost samsung phone

Step 2:

Select from the available features and enable the desired features    find offline lost Samsung mobile phone


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